Monday, March 11, 2013

Global Domains International Review-Based on Real Evidence!

This company has been around for awhile, I searched around for answers hoping to expose the truth about this company once and for all, so I went to,  they are a well known marketing/business forum filled with those who have experience with this type of stuff, one particular member who claimed he was a member of this program didn't seem to think it was worth joining.

"I was a member there for two months, but in my eyes it's just not worth it." said warriorforum member.

On on the other hand, there were plenty of positive testimonials on warriorforum

"I was just checking this out also. From what I see it seems like an exciting program considering that you only have to obtain so many subscribers to sign up, before you no longer have to do anything..." said warriorforum member.

"I use gdi and think they are legit and good. I even wrote an ebook about how to get more leads which is selling nicely." said warriorforum member.

Is Global Domains International a scam?
Based on what I saw on warriorforum, it doesn't seem like they are a scam but rather that its not easy to succeed at global domains international which is why many who do not succeed, call it a scam. In my opinion, Global Domains International is not recommended for beginners but those who are experienced with marketing/business management. 

you can check out the site here.



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